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Ladino 21

Preserving Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) in the 21st century
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Digital Archive

The current survival of Ladino is largely predicated upon the successful use of digital tools to document, teach and learn this endangered language.

Here you can access our own digital archive featuring original songs, interviews, conferences and events recorded exclusively in Ladino in the 21st century. You can also download the brand new Ladino apps we have created for online language learning platforms such as Memrise, uTalk and LingQ


Are you ready to start learning Ladino today? Join our online classes from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone!


Do you have a burning question, or a letter in Ladino that you would like to transcribe?  Perhaps you would like us to give a talk on Ladino at an upcoming event? Check our consultation formats and rates



Ladino 21 Community Interest Company is not established or conducted for private gain: any surplus or assets are used principally for the benefit of the community. 

If you would like to become part of our non-profit’s work and impact, please consider making a donation today.


About Us

Ladino is a minority and diasporic language, mainly spoken by Jewish people whose ancestors lived in the Iberian Peninsula until their expulsion in 1492. Currently classified by UNESCO as an endangered language of circa 50,000 speakers, Ladino extends across a vast expanse of time and place within the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world.

Drawing upon our own community-based digital archive in Ladino (Ladino 21, 2017), our goal is to document, preserve, celebrate, and promote the rich global landscape of Ladino-speaking people in the 21st century (hence ‘Ladino’ and ‘21’).

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